Monday, March 26, 2012

A Very Proud Moment

This has to be one of the most proudest moments of my design career. When Orvis put the Woodie Camper on the front cover, then nice spread on the inside and a very well done video we couldn't believe it!

I have to thank Brett Ference at Orvis for believing us and for his modeling abilities which I bowed out of. The video is much more palatable with out me in it.

Moore & Giles Airstream Showroom

Here's a peak at a project Airstream we did for Moore & Giles leather company. We completely gutted and modified the interior and exterior for traveling showroom space for their incredibly beautiful bags for men and women. I practically live out of one. Check them out at

Its great thing to see something like this recycled and re-purposed then completely embraced by the design world. When it travels to shows like the Architectural Digest show in NY (last week)it is the most popular show booth inside pier 94. Its so strange to see a gleaming 31ft Airstream inside one of the world's most fashion forward places on earth.

Party at Kathy Ireland's House

The Great American Woodie gets around a lot more than I do. By the way, this is the supermodel Kathy Ireland.............just wish I could have been there when she was admiring my Woodie.......I mean know what I mean.