Friday, October 25, 2013

"The Evening Flight" shooting break and bar. Our latest project delivered.

Here's a very nice endorsement from a real taste maker.!

Monday, September 30, 2013

I decided to take the 1964 Taft Marine Runabout we just restored to the local Wooden Boat show and got her cleaned up and looking good. Just had to take a few pictures of her details. It just brings me back to why I take on crazy projects like this when I should have let her go to the wood pile.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Here are a couple of photos from our recent build of a Woodie Tailgater that is on the final leg toward traveling across country.
You saw the copper tub being built a couple of months ago. The wine rack and cathedral grain panels are installed and most of the wiring is in. Glass racks are on the way and the roof and doors are next.

Right now we are trying to engineer the best way to use and install this beast of a Viking grill without putting it on a slide out. The grill weighs in at 325 lbs and counter balances the front slide really well at this point. 
This has to be the best built grill I have ever had the pleasure of getting close to. Everything about it is quality engineering and manufacturing. The only draw back is it was never intended or engineered for travel. Once we figure it out it will be quite the surprise when the back hatch is opened.
Liquor racks are getting padded leather and I'm developing gun racks for over the fenders.....also padded leather.
I'll post some more pictures as we finish.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today Tom did some scrub planing on shelves and a bartop for the Airstream trailer we are working on. This technique is to level out the surface to make it all flat, even when boards are glued together.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Copper Sink for Woody Tailgater

Vasse Vaught Metalcrafting's owner Vasse came down and made a copper sink for a new Woody Tailgater. Yesterday morning it was simply a copper sheet, you can see as he shapes, solders and polishes it into a thing of beauty. Each working he does is unique and crafted specifically to the individual needs. Visit his website at: 
The sink starts off as a sheet of copper

Vasse shapes the sink

Then comes the soldering

After the drain is added it just needs to be polished
Here's the polished sink ready to go in the Woody!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Current Project

We're currently working on an Airstream Trailer for Moore and Giles. On Wednesday we were polishing it, look at that shine, you can literally see yourself in it!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Travel Channel Show and online special

This is fantastic exposure for us.
Here is the link for the show Beach-N-RVs;
I'm sure this will come on again as a repeat.

Then here is the link for the special on Silver Tears Campers- The Ultimate Mini-Camper;


Friday, March 8, 2013

The Travel Channel Shoot with Silver Tears Wine Woodie

Here's a couple of pictures of the Wine Woodie we built for Cultivate Wines on the beach in the Outer Banks. The Travel Channel was filming it for the RV and Beaches show they are releasing this spring.
They recruited some bikini clad ladies and surfer dudes to drink some wine on the beach at sunset and the worst part of it all is I couldn't get away from the shop to "drink it all in" so to speak so all I got was a couple of pictures.

I know it doesn't seem like it but...... I'm sure it was all work for John from Cultivate Wine popping corks for scantily clad ladies and the cast had to "act" like they were having a good time.....I mean drinking wine on the beach at sunset is always tough.

Look for the show on the Travel Channel and you might even see me on there. Now that was a tough shoot!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1960's Mahogany Ski Boat

If you have been to the shop you might have noticed a motor boat covered in dust for the last five years or so....frankly I don't remember.... I have worked on her off and on but she is finally finished.

She sat in a barn close to where I grew up and I had admired her bow just poking out of the slightly opened barn doors since the early 1970's. As we drove by I would daydream of being on the water and motoring away from my seemingly dull life. Anyway, a friend of a friend acquired her before the barn collapsed and threw a tarp over her and did nothing but dream about a restoration. Normal......then as usual.... tarp deteriorates and rot starts and I get a call because I'm the crazy guy who restores just about anything.

She is looking good now and ready for the water once again and she is for sale. Pleas let me know if you have any interest and I would be glad to give you the tour.

 Here's a list of what we have done to her;

Fully restored Wooden Ski Boat circa 1957-1964 and trailer 1957 and Evinrude Motor 1964 Lark V

Barn Find -no labels or badges
- Original motor, trailer, gas tank, hardware, and trim
- Mahogany deck, seating, and dash
- Hull epoxied and re-enforced with fiberglass at joints, new paint
- Interior marine varnish
- Seating and decking epoxied and marine varnished
- new wiring and battery
- new stainless fasteners
- Trailer has been sandblasted, primed, painted, new wiring, LED lights, safety chains, tires, bearings, and grease.
- Motor cylinders have very low hours, mostly sat unused in a barn, thus new carb kit, head gasket, thermostat, belt, generator pulley, ignition system, gas lines, impeller, impeller housing, o-rings, oils, air filter, motor runs, two stroke twin cylinder
- Gas can was cleaned and new bulb, lines, and connections
- new vacuum line to speedo
- new LED courtesy lighting
- floor painted and skid compound added
- motor runs great, two stroke twin cylinder
- I have title to the trailer…..Virginia doesn’t issue titles to boats

$8,750.00 or best offer