Monday, November 21, 2011

New Blog!

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  1. Hello Happy Campers!
    We just gave birth to twins!
    The Wine Woodies(as I call them)are finished and are ready for for each for our beautiful countries coasts.

    They will tour to food and wine festivals all over the United States, so look for Cultivates Wines at your next food and wine event.

    We put a lot of thought and time into these custom Woodies and I thought I would share a few of the feature that we built in.

    Of course we built them out of ribbon cut Sapele/Mahogany and Ash as we have before....our signature wood treatment.....but what is special about these is the cabin is a chilled wine cooler with a wet bulb thermostat that will match the wines temperature to the air. The cooling unit is super efficient as is the LED lighting and the LED TV and a very cool boom box sound system with a IPod hook-up to run winery stories or features, movies, and music.

    The rear hatch opens and reveals a copper counter top and mirrored background with goblet hangers, a shelf to display what is being served or featured all lit. Below the counter top is beautiful matched cathedral grain mahogany, one drawer that will take a dish washing trays for dirties and the peice de resistance the pull out server with and copper top, copper wine cooler, book matched cathedral grain panels on serving side and storage beneath for cocktail napkins, and accessories.

    The idea is to capture the attention of a prospective customer with the Woodie, and while waiting for a tasting, they can watch the story of the making of or the history of the Winery, which in turn just deepens the tasters experience.
    I think we did a great job! Let me know what you think.

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  3. Until I can figure out how to load pictures on this Blog you can view a few at and go to the Gallery.
    Its tough for anyone over 18 years old to figure this stuff out so I have no chance in .....