Thursday, November 15, 2012

Neiman-Marcus Bulleitt Bourbon Tailgater

 Bulleitt Bourbon Ultimate Tailgater for Neiman-Marcus
Well its already cold and it feels like winter already and I haven't even shared the projects we did this summer.  So pour a shot of Bulleitt Bourbon and take a look.

                                               These were taken in Texas by Neiman-Marcus

This picture makes me want to drink Bulleit Bourbon.

To start off we built an "over the top" tailgater for Bulleit Bourbon and its being marketed in the "Fantasy Gift" section at Nieman -Marcus. It feels like we did something right having all this attention. Here's the video the folks from New York produced on us and Brad Ford who helped with the colors, leather and had the great idea of putting the bourbon barrel material in the ceiling as a feature.

Here's the listing online and some great photos Neiman's took

Here's a plug on CNN

Does this mean we are hip or trendy?? That would be first for me that's for sure.

And here the Woodie is on the Today Show for the second time. Is he sitting on my fender!?

Here's some behind the scenes and set up in New York

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